Nan and Byrons2

 FACE LIT2Face Lit

We produce a variety of face-lit channel letters: exposed neon (or LED tubing), solid colored faces, white-outlines on dark colored faces, color reversals and fades, and retainer-less letters. Speak with one of our experts today regarding our capabilities and your many options with face lit channel letters.

REVERSE HALO LIT2Reverse Halo-Lit Letters

Reverse halo-lit letters are achieved by spacing the letters away from a wall or backer panel. The channel letter has a face and sides, and a translucent clear back. The illumination inside the letter creates a halo effect around the letter body and on the wall or backer behind, while the letter face remains dark and outlined with light.

Non-Illuminated Reverse Channel Letters

We fabricated very high quality non-illuminated reverse channel letters.  The letters are stud mounted to exterior walls and give a beautiful dimensional look.  When you don’t need an illuminated letter & you want a thick dimensional look, non-illuminated channel letters are an excellent choice.  This type of letter is exstremely durable and is a premium look.  You can combine these letters with exterior flood lights to create a very nice look at night.

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